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  • ST-980 repeater GSM900mhz Repeater

    ST-980 repeater GSM900mhz Repeater

    ST-980 repeater GSM900mhz Repeater

    ST-980 repeater GSM900mhz Repeater

  • detailed description
  • Mobile phone signal repeater ST-980


    What is mobile phone signal booster?


    Cell phone signal booster is also called repeater, amplifier, which is a products designed to solve the mobile phone blind signal. As the mobile phone signal is transmitted by electromagnetic waves to establish a communications link, the building of the barrier, in some tall buildings inside, the basement of some places such as malls, restaurants, places of entertainment such as karaoke OK sauna and massage, underground civil air defense projects, subway stations and many other places where cell phone signals can not reach and can not use the phone. Cell phone signal amplifier can solve these problems in a particular place as long as the installation of a mobile phone signal amplifier system, the entire range of mobile phone signals can be well used, staff or customers will get great convenience.


    Application places of signal boosters

    1.            For large buildings such as stores, offices, school, company headquarters warehouse and so on

    2.            For small Houses that in remote place

    3.            For vehicle (Car, Truck, RV…)

    4.            For public place, for example: Metro, Tunnel, Hotel, Pub, Supermarket, etc

    5.            Gas Station, Gas Filled Station, Oil Field, Oil Depot



    Main Specifications





    UL890-915MHZ      DL935-960MHZ

    Output power

    UL26 DBM               DL30 DBM


    UL65±2DB                DL 70±2DB








    AC110-240V DC5V


    Only increase the signal

    Max coverage area



    N connector



    The full set may include (the accessories is up to your choice)

    ST repeater main unit

    Outdoor antenna

    Indoor antenna

    Feeder line

    Power Splitter (when there are more than 2 indoor antennas)

    ConnectorN connector, F connector, N to F connector etc



    Installation guide

    Installation Steps

    1 Use of mobile phones at the top of building or around the building to check out the direction of the strongest signal location.

    2 Select the appropriate location, and put the outdoor antenna fix to the wall or bracket.

    3 Select the appropriate location of the indoor locations (this location could be best that close to power and a well-ventilated place, sun-proof, rain-proof) Install the Indoor Repeater, and fix on wall or bracket.

    4 Put the outdoor antenna to the "OUT DOOR" connector and tightens it. Thus complete the outdoor antenna and Repeater's connection.

    5 After setting the suitable location of the indoor antenna and the installation place, then fixing the antenna.

    6 The indoor antenna and Repeater wiring, the indoor antenna connect one end of the interface and on the other end connect Repeater's "IN DOOR" port.



    Installation sketch



    Adjusting illustration

    A  Proper adjustment of the antenna's position so that the best communication quality and signal strength.

    B  Indoor antenna installed location should stay away from one end of the outdoor antenna, so as not to interfere with each other. (The outdoor antenna away from the indoor antenna placed above a layer of floor is better)

    C  Indoor antenna should be installed above the height of 2 m of the ceiling or the corner.

    D  Using the waterproof tape to wrap where has connector, so as to avoid oxidation caused by moisture, resulting in reduced indoor signal coverage.



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